Lolium x boucheanum

Hybrid ryegrass

Superior Resistance to Rust and Improved Persistency

Improved Summer/Autumn Yields
Lack of summer yields in grass is often the problem in milk production. The high yields in summer of ALIGOTE takes care of this problem. The high autumn yields secures a long season of production.

Improved Flexibility
Flexibility is messured as the number of days between 30 cm height of grass in the spring, and the heading date. A high number of days, as for ALIGOTE, gives a long period with high quality of the harvested grass.

Superior Rust Resistance
Attack of rust is lowering the quality and the palatability of the grass considerable. As it can be seen from the official trials ALIGOTE is fortuned with a high resistance to rust.

  • Improved summer/autumn yields
  • Improved flexibility
  • Superior rust resistance
  • Improved persistency


Scale 1-9, where 9 = best or most pronounced


Source: Data from france
  Dalita (control) ALIGOTE
Flexibility of use 51 56
Rust resistance 4,7 6,1
Rel.yield-summer/autumn 1st year 100 107
Rel.yield-total 1st year 100 99
Rel.yield-total 2nd.year 100 102
Rel.yield-summer/autumn 2nd year 100 110
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