Beta vulgaris

Fodder beet

Fodder Beet - High Reliable Yields


Kyros has a tankard shaped root, with a medium 16-17% high drymatter content.

Kyros is very resistant to bolting. Kyros gives very high yields of roots with excellent digestibility.

The top has a high sugar content and is easy to store as silage.

Growing Characteristics

Kyros thrives on a wide range of soils providing that they are well drained and not acid. A deep, friable loam is probably the ideal.

Kyros tolerates drought conditions so its potential can be fully exploited on light land in dry areas also.

Compared with other varieties Kyros is exceptionally easy to lift while the roots sit relatively high above the ground and there are few fangs.

Field losses during harvesting are very low.

  • Reliable high yields
  • Very smooth root
  • Very clean harvest
  • Easy storage


Scale 1-9, where 9 = best or most pronounced

Rust tolerance
Yield of top
Yield of root
Part of root in ground
Cleanness of root
Smoothness of root
Bolting resistance
Suitability for biogas production

Mean yield of five cultivars in 15 trials (2013-15)

Fodder Beet Trial Summary 2015
Cultivar Yield
Kyros 22.6
Troya 21.9
Bangor 21.8
Feldherr 21.1
Brigadier 17.9
LSD 1.5
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