Beta vulgaris

Fodder beet

Smooth root with very high yield - For forage and biogas - Rhizomania tolerant.

9 % higher yield

Enermax has white root colour and is a variety based on the well-known fodder beet Magnum. The yield of drymatter in the root of Enermax is around 10 % higher compared to Magnum, but yield of top is slightly lower. Enermax is resistant against the disease Rhizomania.

Very smooth root

Enermax has a very smooth root. The consequence is a very low dirt tare and the soil on the root when lifted falls off easily. Enermax is placed relatively high in the ground.

More than 20 ton DM per ha - For forage and for biogas

In trials the yield of drymatter harvested has been well above 20 ton per ha. Furthermore 4-5 ton is obtained in the beet top. Enermax is, due to the combination of high yield and low dirt tare, ideal for forage as well as for biogas production.

  • A large step forward in DM yield
  • Very low dirt tare
  • Clean and easy to handle
  • 19-20 % DM in root
  • Rhizomania tolerant


Scale 1-9, where 9 = best or most pronounced

Rust tolerance
Yield of top
Yield of root
Part of root in ground
Cleanness of root
Smoothness of root
Rhizomania tolerance
Bolting resistance
Suitability for biogas production

Udbytte, Landsforsøg 2013-14

  % tørstof i rod AE/ha, rod  Forholdstal, AE
ENERMAX 18,9 185,9 103
Magnum 19,2 181,1 100


  Grenethed1) Glathed2) g jord/kg rod-tørstof Højde over jord, mm
ENERMAX 7,5 2,5 205 80
Magnum 7,4 2,1 170 83
1) Kar. 1-9, 9 = få grene. 2) 1-4, 4 = mest glat, Landsforsøg  


Source: Danish trials
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