Beta vulgaris

Fodder beet

Clean, smooth and high yield - For forage and biogas - Rhizomania tolerant.

5 % Higher Yield

Energarci is an improvement of the well known white fodder beet variety Marshal. The yield of root is increased by 5%, while the tops are slightly smaller. As an added benefit, Energarci is Rhizomania tolerant.

Low Dirt tare & More than 20 ton DM pr. ha

Shallow rooting is another important characteristic of Energarci. This results in low dirt tare at harvest and consequently a cleaner end-product.

Energarci has in official trials shown capacity to produce more than 20 ton drymatter/ha in the root alone. The beet tops may add approximately 5-6 ton DM/ha.

For Biogas or forage production

Energarci is ideal for forage as well as biogas, because the two most important characteristics, high yield and low dirt tare, are combined in this variety.

  • 5 % higher yield than Marshall
  • Smooth root with low dirt tare
  • 17-18 % DM in root
  • White root colour
  • Rhizomania tolerant


Scale 1-9, where 9 = best or most pronounced

Rust tolerance
Yield of top
Yield of root
Part of root in ground
Cleanness of root
Smoothness of root
Rhizomania tolerance
Bolting resistance
Suitability for biogas production
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