BERGMAN<sup style='color:blue''>RHZ</sup>


Beta vulgaris

Fodder beet

For fodder and biogas - Top yield, high dry matter content

Top performance in trials

Bergman is a beet variety for fodder and energy, where the breeding has been based on types with high content of drymatter. The yield of drymatter is also very high, in Denmark Bergman topped the variety trials in 2012 and 2013 with a relative yield of 101, corresponding to 22 tons of drymatter per ha.

Excellent properties

Bergman has a high content of dry matter in root, approximately 22%, the beet is placed very even in soil, around 6 cm above ground. Bergman is resistant against the virus disease rhizomania, which can occur in tight beet rotations.

  • High yield of drymatter
  • High content of drymatter in root
  • Very even hight above ground
  • Rhizomania resistant


Scale 1-9, where 9 = best or most pronounced

Rust tolerance
Yield of top
Yield of root
Part of root in ground
Cleanness of root
Smoothness of root
Rhizomania tolerance
Bolting resistance
Suitability for biogas production

BERGMAN: 22 ton drymatter per ha

Source: *Sugar Beet. National Variety Trials, Denmark 2012-13
  % drymatter in root Ton drymatter
Drymatter yield,
BERGMAN 21,8 22 101
Gerty KWS 21,4 21,9 100
Debby KWS 22,3 21,7 99
22,8 21,5 98


Source: National Variety Trials, Denmark 2012-13
g dirt/kg DM Root above
gr., mm
BERGMAN 6,1 2 224 57
Gerty KWS 5,8 2 191 69
Debby KWS 5,7 2 230 56
6,7 2 190 51
1-9, 9 most branches. 2) 1-4, 4 smoothest root
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