Beta vulgaris

Fodder beet

Beet for forage - Yellow, smooth skin and high yield

The modern type fodder beet

Bangor is an improvement of the illustrious/long-time-acknowledged varieties Kyros and Troya – resulting in 10% yield increase and uniform root.

Easy to harvest

The lifting of Bangor is eased on all soil types, by the uniform and high position above ground.

Smooth root

The root of Bangor is smooth with a shallow root. This is the reason for the very low dirt tare. The low content of soil in the pile or silage results in forage of very high quality.

More than 20 ton drymatter

In trials, Bangor has delivered almost 21 tons of drymatter per ha in root alone. Additionally 4-5 ton DM can be expected in the top.

  • 10 % higher yield than Kyros
  • Smooth with exceptionally low dirt tare
  • Most of the root above ground
  • Yellow root with 17-18 % drymatter


Scale 1-9, where 9 = best or most pronounced

Rust tolerance
Yield of top
Yield of root
Part of root in ground
Cleanness of root
Smoothness of root
Bolting resistance
Suitability for biogas production

Performance and features

Source: Results from 'Landsforsøg' (Denmark) 2010-11
* Score from 1 to 4. 4 = very smooth
  % Drymatter in root Smoothness of root* % Dirt % Above ground Yield drymatter pr. ha Relative drymatter yield
Bangor 17,7 3 3,3 80 20,7 105
Magnum 19,2 2,8 3,7 76 19,23 100
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