Dactylis glomerata

Cocksfoot/Orchard grass

Tough and palatable

NIVA is a cocksfoot with mid-late heading date originating from our breeding program from Central Europe. It has improved disease tolerance and yield. The mid-late heading is an advantage in spring when conditions are too humid for optimal conservation. The yield is "early" but easy to master.

In mixture with alfalfa
Mixing NIVA with alfalfa is perfect because of the synchronized growth of the two species.

Cold tolerance
NIVA has excellent cold tolerance / winterhardiness and the leaves resist very well to cold after the spring growth has initiated.

  • Excellent cold tolerance
  • Very good persistency
  • Intermediate heading date
  • Palatable


Scale 1-9, where 9 = best or most pronounced

Salt tolerance
Grazing tolerance
Adapted for mixtures
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