Medicago sativa


Early spring start. Fall dormancy 7 allowing 6 cuts/year

Semi-dormant type

With a fall dormancy of 7, ZENITH extends its growing season with earlier spring growth and later growth decline in the autumn, compared to a dormancy 4 type. ZENITH reached 25 cm heigth in spring 5 days earlier than the average of the check varieties.

The longer growing period allows 6 cuts in average per year.

High protein content and total protein yield

The deep strong rooting allows production before and during dryer spells leading to a total high dry matter production.

Combined with the high protein content of alfalfa, the total yield of energy and protein per ha is very high.

Productive for several years

Sown at 20-25 kg/ha, ZENITH will produce through 3-4 years after sowing.


  • High protein yield for better autonomy
  • Fall dormancy 7
  • Early start in spring allowing 6 cuts/year
  • Deep rooted, producing during dry spells


Scale 1-9, where 9 = best or most pronounced

Winter hardiness
Protein content
Dormancy group

Scores obtained in official trials

Source: CTPS 1998-2000 (France)
Scale: 1-9, 9 = best

Dry matter yield

Source: CTPS 1998-2000 (France)
Relative dry matter yield and relative dry matter content
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