Medicago sativa


Good yield and protein + very good nematode tolerance

The best answer to avoid nematodes

Nematode resistance has gained increased importance recently, because there are less options to treat infected seed lots. It is thus important to keep the pressure of nematodes as low as possible, including in fields grown for forage. Salsa is one of the most nematode resistant varieties available.

Harvest in good conditions

Despite the fine stems, Salsa has a very good standability.  When harvesting operations are delayed due to weather or to work pressure, the saving of the crop in both volume and quality is thus facilitated. A lodged crop will produce less, risk contamination with soil and development of undesirable micro organisms.

High yield of dry matter and protein

The total annual dry matter yield is high, and combined with a protein content of 19-20%, Salsa provides substantial amounts of quality forage while lowering the dependency of external protein sources.

  • Stable performance with no downsides
  • Excellent nematode tolerance
  • Good standability despite fine stems
  • High yield of dry matter and protein
  • Dormancy group 4


Scale 1-9, where 9 = best or most pronounced

Salt tolerance
Winter hardiness
Protein content
Dormancy group


Source: Sept. 2016 (France)
Scale 1-9, 9 = best / non dormant

Relative dry matter yield

Source: Sept. 2016 (France)
Relative dry matter yield
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