Medicago sativa


A specialist for sub optimal conditions, but not only!


Ludelis is a winter hardy Lucerne variety with dense, leafy appearance and fast, even establishment.

Good establishment and high yield

Ludelis showed strong and even establishment and a high yield in trials at a location with non optimal conditions for Lucerne (low pH, sandy soil). This appearance stayed for all three trial years and gave no room for weed invasion in german trails.

Good disease resistance

Ludelis is resistant to the most important Lucerne diseases like verticillium and other diseases.

Get some extra protein and upgrade your forage by using Ludelis in pure stand or in a mixture with grass.

  • Fast establishment
  • High dry matter yield
  • Wide geographic range adaption
  • Persistent
  • Dormancy group 4


Scale 1-9, where 9 = best or most pronounced

Winter hardiness
Protein content
Dormancy group

Trials on clay-podsol soil with pH 5.1

Schleswig-Holstein, Germany101100

Yield, ton drymatter per ha 2014, sowing year 2015
Ludelis 101 100
Control = Trial average 100 100
Rel. 100 = Ton DM/ha 3.51 14.50


Yield results

DLF trials 2015

  Rennes, France Zivotice, Czech Republic
  Ludelis Control Ludelis Control
1st year, ton DM/ha 16,09 15,93 18,34 17,30
Relative 101 100 106 100


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