Medicago sativa


Protein optimisation and excellent lodging tolerance

Optimised for protein production

The very high protein content (20%) in the dry matter allows a total high protein yield per ha. In the French official trials the protein reached more than 3600 kg/ha.

Tolerance to nematodes and diseases

Concerto is very tolerant to nematodes (70% tolerant plants compared to 37% in the check variety) and with very good resistance to the frequent disease verticillium.

Significantly improved lodging tolerance

The French official trials, as well as Czech trials, have shown the excellent lodging tolerance of Concerto. This is very important to preserve the feeding quality, the total yield, the speed of the harvest process and avoid soil contamination.

Winter hardy

Concerto is listed in Austria, the Czech Republic and Slovakia - the evidence of a good winter hardiness.

  • High protein allowing high protein yield/ha
  • Very tolerant to lodging
  • High total dry matter yield
  • Good nematode tolerance and verticillium resistance
  • Dormancy group 4


Scale 1-9, where 9 = best or most pronounced

Winter hardiness
Protein content
Dormancy group

Characteristics from Official French trials

Source: "Plaquettes fourrage 2005"

  Europe Concerto
Lodging (9=best) 6,1 6,3
Verticillium (9=best) 4,8 5,6
Nematodes % tolerant 37 70
Thickness of stems (9=thick) 6,4 6,3
Protein content % 18,9 20

Lodging tolerance

Source: Czech official trials. 1-9, 9 = best

1st cut
1st cut
2nd cut
Jarka* 6,6 7,2 7,8
Palava 6,4 6,7 7,0
Zuzana* 7,4 6,3 7,3
Concerto 7,9 7,3 9,0

* = check varieties

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