More Milk With DLF

A profitable farm business starts with more milk from dairy herds, and more meat from beef herds and sheep. With grass grown from our seed we help you gain a more profitable farm business.

It is all about science, rigorous testing and optimal management. Our intensive worldwide breeding and product development programme produces improved grasses and more efficient grassland-management techniques. Wherever you farm, there is a seed that is ideal for your soil and climate – a seed that increases your yields and reduces your production costs.

In short, you get more milk (or meat) with DLF.

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Top varieties for a higher yield

High performing varieties give you more forage energy and protein for your livestock. If you want to optimise grassland production for greater self-sufficiency and become less reliant on bought-in feed and volatile forage price, you have advantages choosing seed from DLF.

Top quality for a higher output

Dairy and beef herds perform better when their forage is highly digestible and the protein content is high. Our top quality grasses improve nutritional intake and boost milk or meat yields. It is the surest way to maximise output without increasing input costs.

We will help you produce more milk or meat

Every farm is different. Finding the right grass for your soil, climate, and livestock should not be a matter of trial and error. In our seed catalogue, there is a grass mix that is right for you and we will be glad to help you find it.

Call us for advice on choosing grass that boosts your output.

Research improves your milk production

The team in our fields and labs is on your side. While you are working to achieve the best milk or meat yields through efficient farm management, we are working equally hard to develop the next generation of robust, high-yielding grass varieties.

Each year we test several thousand results of new crosses. In 2014, we streamlined the process by integrating Genome Wide Selection (GWS) into our breeding programme. GWS technology speeds up the detection of crosses with a high genetic potential for improvements in yield, quality, disease-resistance, or stress-tolerance. It helps us give you better seed, faster.