Robust and Hardy

VersaMax - Robust (Previously CoverMax)

For extensive winter-hardy pasture with highest wear tolerance and persistency to both dry periods and close grazing.

VersaMax - Robust is a really tough mixture to be used where stress tolerance is needed. VersaMax - Robust is designed mainly for permanent pastures, but is also very suitable for one or two early cuts of silage or hay.

VersaMax - Robust consists of species that combine ground cover, winter hardiness, drought tolerance and high productivity.
VersaMax - Robust is ideal, not only for cattle grazing but also for sheep and horses as it tolerates close grazing. The feed from VersaMax - Robust is palatable, but also supplies the animals with necessary fibre.

Seeding rate, KG/HA: 30-35

Intensive Pasture
High Yield
High Protein
Fast Germination
Wear Resistant
Drought Tolerant
Cold Tolerant
Dense Pasture
  • Grazing under all conditions
  • Highly productive
  • Cold resistant
  • Drought tolerant