Quick and tasty

GrassMax - Original and +ProNitro©

Maximise your output with GrassMax by overseeding existing fields  

Fast germinating species provides intensive establishment of renewed grass sward. The mixture is recommended for improvement of old or winter damaged grass fields when re-sowing is not reasonable, e.g. when there is enough clover but too little grass, or when there is nt enough timer reseeding.

The output of an older sward can be increased dramatically by introducing new vigorous young plants. GrassMax uses only very quick establishing species like festulolium, hybrid ryegrass and tetraploid perennial ryegrass.

These species have big seeds and fast germination that enable competition with existing plants in the field. We recommend overseeding fields that are not completely renewed on a regular basis. GrassMax - Original is also offered with ProNitro©, a unique seed coating with nitrogen starting fertliser. ProNitro© coating provides germinating seeds with essential nutrient during establishment and helps sustain a vigorous sward during the whole season.

GrassMax Original seeding rate, KG/HA: 15-30
GrassMax ProNitro© seeding rate, KG/HA 30-60 



Scale 1-9, where 9 = best or most pronounced

Intensive Pasture
High Yield
High Protein
Fast Germination
Wear Resistant
Drought Tolerant
Cold Tolerant
Dense Pasture
  • Boosts output
  • Coated with ProNitro©
  • Fast establishment
  • - and tasty!