CutMax Early


Early and high production after spring sowing

Transition from short term spring yield to summer/autumn production

Optimized for early cutting

The purpose of the mixture is to cover up the need of forage in late spring/early summer when maize silage is getting short.

Production later in the season

CutMax Early offers high yields and the option for using the fields for cutting and grazing after the initial high early production.

Three different species for optimum performance

  • Westerwold ryegrass for early production with high yields
  • Italian ryegrass also contributing to high early yield, but with no stems in the sowing year
  • Perennial ryegrass will ensure the density and persistency of the mixture if it is used in the summer and autumn


Scale 1-9, where 9 = best or most pronounced

Intensive Pasture
High Yield
High Protein
Fast Germination
Drought Tolerant
  • Initial production for cutting, and afterwards grazing/cutting
  • More species to optimize results