CutMax Alfa Protein HOT&DRY



Very high yields under dry conditions

CutMax Alfa Protein Hot&Dry - Very high yields under dry conditions 

DLF Alfalfa with grasses for dry and warm regions 

CutMax Alfa Protein Hot&Dry is a long-term conservation mixture with a high proportion of DLF Alfalfa. This ensures a high production of protein per hectare.

DLF ALlfalfa has a very deep developing root system. The grasses in this mixture are species with a great tolerance to hot and dry conditions: consequently CutMax Alfa Protein Hot&Dry is a very persistent mixture for dry and warm regions in a 3 cut system for silage or hay.

The mixture is very heat and drought resistant and provides high yield in spring/early summer and has good regrowth during suummer period. Silage has good sugar/protein balance.

Seeding rate, KG/HA: 35-40

Intensive Pasture
High Yield
High Protein
Fast Germination
Wear Resistant
Drought Tolerant
Cold Tolerant
Dense Pasture
  • High yield
  • High protein
  • Very stable
  • Perfect for dry conditions