CutMax Alfa Protein



Very high yield and stability 

CutMax Alfa Protein - Very high yield and stability 

Lucerne with cold tolerant grasses.  

CutMax Alfa Protein is a long-term conservation mixture with a high proportion of legumes. Red clover and lucerne ensure a high production of protein per hectare and both legumes have deep developing root systems bringing a good drought resistance.

The grasses chosen for this mixture are species with excellent tolerance to cold temperatures: consequently CutMax - Alfa Protein is a very persistent mixture for cold and temperate regions in a 3 cut system for silage or hay production.

The well-balanced composition provides high yielding cuts with very good quality of green mass. It shows good regrowth under moderate conditions as well as during short dry periods.

Seeding rate, KG/HA: 30-35




Scale 1-9, where 9 = best or most pronounced

Intensive Pasture
High Yield
High Protein
Fast Germination
Wear Resistant
Drought Tolerant
Cold Tolerant
Dense Pasture
  • High yield
  • High protein
  • Very stable
  • Contains lucerne and red clover