Treated seed has a better start in life

At DLF we're constantly pushing performance boundaries with new varieties of grass seed offering improved characteristics. Even so, customers often prefer to spend a bit more so that they can sow treated versions of those seeds. They're making a sound investment because sowing conditions vary from farm to farm and from year to year. Treated seed has a much better chance of thriving under adverse conditions when untreated seed might fail.

The use of treated seed is common farming practice for the sowing of cereals, beet, and maize. Now farmers are applying the same approach to grass, especially in locations where there are restrictions on the use of chemicals and fertilisers.


Types of seed treatment

The terminology of the different kinds of seed treatments

Plant Nutrition    
ProNitro The ultimate seed treatment
(encrusted) with Nitrogen
4 times more efficient use
of fertilizers (feed the seed not the
ProMicro Seed treatment with micro
minerals (Zn, Mn, Fe)
Quicker and healthier growth

Treated seed performs better

  • Improved plant nutrition
  • Better establishment
  • Faster germination
  • Protection against abiotic stress

Pays for itself

Treated seed costs more than untreated. Farmers who make that additional investment find that it pays for itself.

  • Reduces the risk of a poor result
  • Makes efficient use of chemical and fertiliser inputs – direct contact feeds the seeds not the weeds
  • Gives weeds less chance to establish
  • Requires less chemical and fertiliser input – better for the environment
  • Colourants reduce losses through bird picking
  • Finishers improve the flow of seeds through a sowing machine

DLF Seed Treatment Technology

DLF Professional Seed Technology covers a range of technical developments that support young grass plants during their early, most vulnerable stages of life.

The following table lists the range of standard DLF seed treatments applicable to any seed or mixture. Customised treatments are also available.


Types of seed treatment

The terminology of the different kinds of seed technologies

Technology   Active Ingredient Binder Color Finish
Treated The active ingredient adheres
well to the seed, so no need
for additional binders
Film Coated When adding a powdered
substance, a binder (glue) may
be needed to keep it on the
seed during transport and
+ + (+)  
Encrusted When higher quantities of an
active ingredient are required,
it is often necessary to add
extra filler materials to obtain a
firm coating. The shape of the
original seed is visible
+ + + +
Pelleted Is encrusted seed with the only
difference that the original
shape of the seed is no longer
visible. The end product is a
round ball
+ + + +