DLF Select – seed of the highest purity

DLF Select sets new standards in seed purity and availability. We provide an industry that's hungry for the finest quality with carefully graded seed of the highest purity. And we do our utmost to provide it in the quantities the industry needs, year after year.


Grass seed so clean, it creates three new grades of purity

Growers of turf are steadily raising their standards. Year-on-year, the demand among field managers and greenkeepers for improved seed purity has been growing. At the same time, the market for turf-roll production has also grown significantly.
For the grass-seed industry, increased demand poses a challenge: it comes at a time when tighter restrictions on weed control make it harder to produce pure seed across the world. But that's the kind of challenge we like at DLF. Our answer is DLF Select, a seed-purity programme with a single clear and ambitious goal: to produce seed lots of the highest purity that meet market demand, season after season. We label the highest grades of purity: S1, S2 and 00.

Purity guaranteed throughout the chain of production

DLF Select quality starts at the very beginning. We work with the most experienced farmers with the cleanest production fields. Throughout the growing season we apply the strictest quality controls: meticulous field inspections followed by the highest levels of cleanliness during seed harvest. Finally, we pick the highest-purity seed lots for processing on specific cleaning lines by specialist cleaning teams, ready for mixing and packing.

The result is a range of seed so pure that we're proud to label it DLF Select. The DLF Select label ensures that this selected seed goes only to customers who demand the highest purity.

Pure turf seed, season after season

With our integrated approach we do our utmost to produce the highest-purity seed in the quantities you need, season after season. We plan our seed crops two years ahead. To produce and trade seed of this quality requires a close partnership between us and our professional customers. Our area managers liaise closely with our customers so that we can produce the seed quantities and qualities they'll need in two years' time.

Long-term planning guarantees a stable and reliable supply of high-purity seed.

Get to know DLF's new purity grades

To optimise our planning and production processes, and to maximise the supply of high-purity seed, we have defined the purity quality standards:

As the market leader, we set ourselves the task of overcoming the challenges faced by the grass-seed production sector. Our DLF Select programme shows how serious we are about providing grass seed in the quality and quantity our customers expect.

As well as our three new high-purity grades, S1, S2 and 00, we also offer grades A1 and A2 for the professional amenity market. These grades already offer a vast improvement on the baseline EU purity rules and standards.

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Let's get together to plan for the future

The DLF Select programme is all about partnership. The closer we work, the easier it is to supply you with the high-quality seed your customers require.
The first step is to speak to your area manager. Once we know what you need, we'll do our absolute maximum to deliver it. Not just for one season, but every season.

To find out more about how DLF Select can work for you, contact your local area manager