Sell seed with confidence – and with the support of the DLF Academy

The DLF Academy is a huge resource of science, data, and grass-growing expertise. And it's yours to call upon whenever you need help selling seed to buyers who want facts, evidence, and hard data. It's also very useful for customers who just want to know more about the options available to them.


The services of the DLF Academy come in various forms and are available to our wholesale customers. We could, for example, train your team or arrange a presentation for your best customers. We're versatile too: we can run sessions at DLF, at your premises or your customer's, or through targeted webinars. We can even tailor programmes to suit your needs.

Here are a few ideas:

  • Intensive training for your sales staff on the newest products and concepts offered by DLF.
  • Sales support through DLF Academy sessions with your distributors on topics chosen by you.
  • Shared participation in seminars with end-users to help them manage their crops and growing cycles.

Years of knowledge and expertise to call upon

Content within the DLF Academy is almost without equal. It comes from the knowledge base developed by DLF through many years of official trials, external scientific trials, and internal development trials carried out in close corporation with R&D.

Our knowledge base provides you with all the latest data on species, varieties and mixtures, as well as establishment and management issues for forage and turf grasses. We can also help with concepts and solutions and recommend the very best seed treatments.

New and old faces at DLF

The DLF Academy is run by the DLF Product Management Team. Through the Academy and numerous other activities, many of you will have met Mogens Toft Jensen. After 38 years at DLF, most recently as Head of Product Management, Mogens is retiring to an active life outside DLF. We wish him many more happy and productive years.

Responsibility for the DLF Academy now falls on Mette M. L. Jespersen, our Head of Corporate Product Management, who has been with us since 2016.

You can find out more about the DLF Academy online or you can talk to your local DLF representative to hear how the DLF Academy can help you sell more seed.