See your shipments online – and much more – at My DLF

My DLF gives instant answers online to questions about shipments, seed quantities, and comparisons with previous seasons. It is vital information to help our wholesale customers work more efficiently in a fast-moving market.


Now you can grab the answers instantly – and much more – at any time from anywhere in the world. My DLF is your secure, password-protected, online portal to everything you need to know about your account with DLF. It goes live in September and it is exclusively available to our European wholesalers.

"We're always looking for ways to make life easier for our customers," says Adger Banken, Director Wholesale and Procurement at DLF, "and My DLF is one of them. With My DLF you now have the information at your fingertips on your phone or tablet. Wherever you are – at home, at a trade show, or with a customer – you'll be better informed about your business with us."

My DLF has a simple and easy-to-follow layout. The main dashboard shows a graphic overview of the current season's orders. From there, you can drill down by species and variety, or compare the current season against previous seasons.

Over the coming months, our local sales teams will be out and about, explaining how My DLF works and passing on your login details. They will be giving you a new tool to unlock the data that helps you work smarter in a fast-moving market.