DLF Alfalfa – start growing your return today!

Following the takeover of the alfalfa breeding programme from Florimond Desprez in France, DLF is now launching a number of new varieties. They are marketed internationally as DLF Alfalfa and are supplying the strong variety portfolio of grass and clover from DLF.


The benefits of DLF Alfalfa

With a protein content between 18% and 20%, alfalfa provides more protein than forage grass (14%) or maize silage (9%).

It improves animal health by having an excellent nutritional value. It provides beef and dairy herds with essential fibres for the rumen function and it contains tannins that limit protein degradation, as well as essential amino acids, microelements and vitamins.

Its very deep rooting makes DLF Alfalfa a highly drought-tolerant crop compared to other forage crops and provides a stable yield even during dry periods of the season.

DLF Alfalfa has great potential as a mixture partner with clover and grasses as this is a good way to achieve an optimal energy-to-protein ratio. With its ability to fixate nitrogen in the soil, it will not only provide nitrogen for the grasses, but also significantly reduce nitrogen for subsequent crop.

Bringing DLF Alfalfa into the market

We are not only launching the new DLF Alfalfa varieties, we have also developed the tools to help you bring DLF Alfalfa into the market at both distributor level as well as on farmer level.

To guide you and for you to become familiar with DLF Alfalfa, we have gathered important knowledge and information in the following brochures:

DLF Alfalfa – Start growing your return today!

DLF Alfalfa, Questions & Answers

DLF Alfalfa – a leaflet for the farmer

Of course, you will also find a lot of information on our website, including variety leaflets, and signing up to our newsletter will give you knowledge and information about DLF Alfalfa, grasses and clover.

Do not hesitate to contact your local DLF sales representative for further information on DLF Alfalfa.