Alfalfa improves farm profitability

Alfalfa is a popular forage component across the world. With a protein content of 18 to 20%, alfalfa is a superb partner for grass in forage seed mixtures. Since alfalfa needs no extra nitrogen, it makes a farm more self-sufficient, improves farm finances, and contributes to long-term sustainable agriculture.


New varieties now available from DLF

Alfalfa has a vital role to play in sustainable agriculture. DLF's experience in North America of this high-protein, drought-tolerant plant shows that it can help farmers combat volatile raw material prices and increasingly extreme weather.

Our recent acquisition of the alfalfa breeding programme of Florimond Desprez takes us one step further. We are now able to offer several new commercial varieties within our portfolio. Improved varieties help farmers survive today's tougher market conditions. They enjoy a more stable feed production and are less vulnerable to fluctuating world prices.

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Alfalfa is good for farm profitability

A field composed of forage grasses and alfalfa provides more protein than a field of forage grass, maize silage or soybean. What is more, the deep rooting system helps farmers maintain or even increase feed production during dry seasons.

  • 18-20% protein content
  • Higher feed conversion
  • Easy to establish
  • Cost-effective for 3 to 5 years after establishment
  • Introduces the equivalent of 250kg N fertiliser
  • Extremely drought tolerant
  • Cuts milk production costs

High-yielding farm animals that require high levels of protein perform better with alfalfa. Alfalfa contains 18 to 20% protein, compared with 14% for grasses and 9% for maize. Alfalfa also has a very high feed-conversion rate together with essential fibres and nutrients to improve digestion. Finally, alfalfa is good for soils as it provides symbiotic N2 fixation. Nitrogen fixation gives high amounts of nitrogen to grass mixtures and improves the yield in subsequent crops by up to 5%. Altogether, alfalfa saves money, improves milk production and supports long-term sustainable farming.

DLF's new alfalfa portfolio

Our new alfalfa breeding programme already has an official stamp of approval. It has produced commercial varieties recommended for forage and dehydration on the official GEVES list in France. These recommended varieties provide top yields, high protein levels, good standability and improved pest- and disease-tolerance.

We also offer specialised alfalfa seeds with good yield and establishment under sub-optimal conditions. They grow on soils where alfalfa would not normally belong.

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Alfalfa is a plant with a bright, green future, and we are keen to help and support you. To learn more, contact your local sales representative or product manager.