Get a green lawn sooner with Accelerator

Accelerator is a versatile seed treatment that gives you a new lawn faster. With Accelerator treated grass seeds you don’t have to wait to see results


Accelerator combines a biostimulant and a wetting agent on the seeds, which allows for a faster establishment of the lawn and a better utilization of water.

38% more grass in 7 days

The Accelerator treatment increases germination speed, giving up to 38% more grass in the first 7 days after sowing and a faster establishment of your new lawn. Accelerator enhances water availability around the seed, enabling it to germinate and develop faster. But don’t worry, after establishment the growth will be as normal for lawn grass, so no need for extra moving of the lawn. The coating is safe for children and pets, just sow the seed and add water to enjoy a beautiful and resilient lawn fast.

Efficient water uptake is the trigger

Our tests showed that using grass seeds treated with Accelerator, reduces the water volume needed for your lawn during seed germination. The accelerator treatment breaks the surface tension of water enabling it to disperse easier around the seed . Meaning a switch of hormone balance in the seed that triggers germination and growth.

Why choose Accelerator

  • Fast establishment
  • More efficient use of water
  • Stronger lawn