1 .Jun.2018

When going get’s tough the 4turf® gets going

We love it – but our turfs are suffering under summer heat and only the best varieties keep going.

When going get’s tough the 4turf® gets going

We love sunshine and in Denmark we broke a climate record yesterday, when May passed more than 360 hours of sun. But while we are having a great time there are creatures below us that take less part in our excitement. You know them quite well – it’s our turfs, which have to tolerate not only wear from being stepped upon but also severe drought under intense radiation. Few plants enjoy that combination and soon all lawns will be yellow.

That is – if you shouldn’t be so lucky as to have 4turf® in your own lawn or in the lawns you maintain at the school yard, the sport facility, or the golf club. Because 4turf® is doing much better than ordinary grasses under drought. In 2013 DLF conducted a major screen for drought tolerance in turfs at its breeding station in France. Results were very convincing with all 4turf® on average scoring 1.5 points higher than all standard ryegrass on an 1-9 scale for visual merit.

One new variety stands out in particular. It’s the variety ‘Tetradry’, which as the name indicates is made for extreme conditions. As it appears from the image above (Tetradry to the right) this variety is close to having same drought resistance as tall fescue, which is significantly more rough and commonly used in Mediterranean areas. So, hope remains for a green spring lawn even in places where sun is hard-beating.