6 .Jan.2020

Wet lawn in winter - sounds familiar?

How short days and cool, wet conditions affect the lawn.

Mild winter so far in temperate northern Europe. The hours of sunlight are few and lawns are not growing even if temperatures are mild. What can we do to give the lawn the best conditions? Follow some simple guidelines to get your lawn in shape for the coming season.

Do not cut the lawn out of growth season

Let the last cut in the fall be somewhat higher than during growth season. This leaves leaf material to initiate photosynthesis and green up as soon as the sun returns in spring.

Have you removed fall leaves from the lawn?

Allowing any light to reach the lawn and ensuring that moisture can evaporate from the lawn canopy is a good start. We know that fungi prefer moist environments. Let debris mulch another place in the garden than on the lawn.

Do you have pools of water forming on the lawn?

It is not necessarily a problem that the soil is filled to full water capacity. A good drain in the soil profile is preferable, but some days of pools are acceptable. Do avoid traffic on the lawn while the water is there, the crowns, the growth points of the grass plant, may be more vulnerable than usual in these conditions.

Learning and thinking ahead

A good lawn mixture adapted to your region will be able to buffer the wet conditions. In extended periods of water logged conditions smooth stalked meadow grass will be standing strong after the pools have drained. Over time, I'm talking years, a trained eye will notice the lawn segregating into local conditions in the lawn: Shadow areas will increase in fescues, traffic areas will leave smooth stalked and ryegrass, water logged patches are most tolerable to smooth stalked. Over the years the mature lawn will appear naturally patchy as it adapts to the local conditions. Learn more about some of the advantages of lawn mixtures here.

To rejuvenate and homogenized the lawn consider having a spring over seeding plan ready every few years.

Speaking of winter activities for the garden owner, consider sharpening the blade of the mower. This makes for a much more clean cut and it does make a visible difference!

If you feel inspired check out the newly landed TRIUMPH lawn mixture and get in the mood for this summers European cup.