16 .Sep.2019

Playing on grass is like walking on clouds

Plants have a built in cooling system and it is the most sustainable system around


The immediate area surrounding a leaf's surface is constantly cooled down by plant’s opening tiny specialized cells, called guard cells or stomata cells. When the weather is warm or windy, these cells open and water transpires from within the plant. This little dew cloud makes a huge difference for the player on the pitch.  


When playing on an artificial surface, be it asphalt, rubber plains, granulate or even clay, the heat reflecting from these surfaces has been immense. The heat has been measured with an infrared thermometer, during summer time and has shown surface temperatures of 50 to 87˚ C at 30-40˚C air temperature. The heat is not absorbed and this affects player performances and health.

It doesn’t matter if it’s a professional footballer or a team of junior tennis players, a playing field is meant to cool you down and provide for a forgiving surface to land on, should your balance fail you.

However, the artificial turfs work against you, by increasing your temperature, further increasing the risk of dehydration. Luckily, this issue has rescived increasing awareness from schools and sports clubs to be ready with drinking water in case of heat spells.

In order to improve upon the playing environment and at the same time ensuring player safety, some artificial turfs have had irrigation systems installed. The principle is to cool in the same way that plants do.

However, plants do this naturally; they keep the surface cool, while attaining a carbon emissions neutrality and also helps restore the surrounding area.

The guard cells are specialized cells that can open and close like little lips "exhaling" water that surrounds the leaf to cool it down. Photo credit: Google Abaxial epidermis of leaf blade (Andropogon virginicus)

Lawn- and turf grass has a built in cooling systems that help with performance, help players perform better and prevent injuries if you should fall down. Ultimately providing a better playing environment for players of all ages and ambitions.

Artificial turf surfaces can crank up the heat during a game to unhealthy levels.


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