7 .Jun.2019

Plant Breeding Winners Make It To Top Sports Finals

Klaus K. Nielsen, CSO in DLF, gives his view on how recent advances in turf breeding have improved the toolbox by adding a new generation of turf grasses in European Seed INSIDERS series

Just like le chef de cuisine needs the right ingredients to prepare a perfect dinner, a world class football pitch needs turf varieties with the necessary traits to make it to the final. Sport field grasses need good wear tolerance, which is a combination between speed of establishment, density, capacity to recover, and disease tolerance. of the first outcome of a decades intense research was the two 4turf selections, Double and Tetragreen, which are well known for exceptional tolerance to winter damage and drought.

These varieties were significant components at the World Cups in Brazil 2014 and Russia 2018. Since then the 4turf portfolio has been complemented with a range of new stars, the Second Generation Specialized 4turf®

Read more about the new generation of 4turf in the article published in INSIDERS