8 .Mar.2018

New DLF subsidiary established in Poland

DLF's market share in Poland has had a positive development over a number of years. In line with the company's strategy to getting closer to the customers, DLF has now established a Polish subsidiary with sales office in Ilawa, 150 km southeast of Gdansk. The office counts a sales team of seven employees dedicated to clover and grass seed

"With a local DLF sales team lead by Pawel Zakrzewski, who is well-known in the grass seed industry, we have established a good platform, from which we plan to increase our presence and strengthen our own brands in the Polish market," says Søren Halbye, CCO at DLF.

Six out of seven people in DLF's polish clover and grass seed team 

"We are well in the process of strengthening our position in Central and Eastern Europe, and Poland is a very interesting market for us. Poland is the largest forage and turf seed market in Eastern Europe, and Poland has presented nice growth rates in its economy.
DLF want to participate in this, and we have, thanks to a strong plant breeding and product range, the whole palette of clover and grass seeds requested. With this initiative and a more structured approach to the market, I expect that we are able to increase our market share significantly," says CCO Søren Halbye.

With the new company, DLF now serves the Polish seed market through three channels. DLF's German company is focused on wholesale customers, while DLF's UK company sells turf seed to a major international retail chain in Poland. The Polish company will primarily serve agricultural customers.
DLF’s sales team share address with eight employees dedicated to MariboHilleshög's sugar beet business, acquired by DLF in October 2017.