15 .Jan.2020

Fix the goalmouth now ⚽

Professional grounds men are all doing it: repairing the worn goalmouths and sports fields in the end of winter

... that way they are ready, dense and green for the start of the season.

In spite of low temperatures and wet winter weather, there are good opportunities to prepare for the upcoming season right now.

In Denmark at Hvidovre Stadium, grounds man Bo Hansen over sowed the worn goalmouths on the training fields at the end of November.

He sowed 5 kg /100 m2 of Masterline Turbo, a mixture design available in Scandinavia, and covered with nonwoven fiber cloth. Furthermore, the heating under the sward was on, keeping it on a steady cozy temperature.

After three weeks the grass has emerged really well - in fact, it has grown so much that it needs to be cut soon.

The local DLF consultant has recommended Bo to turn off the heating and remove the fiber cloth. Otherwise, Bo risks the grass being attacked by snow mold.

The advantage of the Masterline Turbo is that it consists of 50% westerwold rye grass, which settles quickly at lower soil temperatures than normal perennial ryegrass.

The westerwold ryegrass germinates fast and leaves no room or light for weeds flying in to settle on the worne or damaged areas. Westerwolds nurses the perennial species in Masterline Turbo that offers the real wear tolerance the pitch needs when the season begins.

It is a very gentle and herbicide free weed management. Mixtures containing westerwold turf grasses is an emergency solution you can also use during the season too of fase ground cover is a priority.

Once the season start and traffic increases on the pitch the westerwolds will fade away leaving the wear tolerant varieties to take the heavy load.

Does Masterline from DLF offer a solution for you? Contact your local DLF distributor or consultant and hear more.

The Masterline catalouge gives details of consepts and mixture solutions for any professional purpose, take a look here.