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ProMaster Plus/Taylor-made mixtures for turf

ProMaster Plus
Plus professionalism, plus quality, plus margin

Wear toleranceDensityDisease toleranceColour

Highest quality varieties
Superior technical quality
Superior quality of turf produced
Generates highest margin

Idea behind ProMaster Plus

Last year DLF-TRIFOLIUM launched the ProMaster mixture for professionals. Promaster is used for turf (sod) production and on very prestigious stadiums. The success of ProMaster has led us to further work in this segment. The concept behind ProMaster Plus is to design the ultimate mixtures for turf production for specific regions and at the same time to work with the state of the art within technical quality. An example of a ProMaster Plus mixture can be selected from four of the very best Smooth Stalked Meadow Grasses – each one adding unique benefits to the entire mixture.

“Grassport” = Turf Quality Seed = state of the art

Production of the very best quality seed takes an integrated process right from production of basic seed to the processing and bagging of the mixtures. You will find an in depth description of the whole process in Turf Quality Seed. The quality stamp is called “Grassport” as only the very best seed is given this “Passport”!

Going for the VIP sports segments

There is no doubt that ProMaster Plus is aimed at the highest ranking sports facilities. This is also where the highest margins can be found. Therefore it goes without saying that demands are of the highest level. With ProMaster Plus and the quality stamp “Grassport” you are among the VIP´s

With ProMaster Plus you will get extra production and margin

Example of a ProMaster Plus mixture

25%Smooth Stalked Meadow Grass – variety 1
25%Smooth Stalked Meadow Grass – variety 2
25%Smooth Stalked Meadow Grass – variety 3
25%Smooth Stalked Meadow Grass – variety 4