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Overseeding Definitely Pays Off

Trials with repeated overseeding each year demonstrate the benefits of overseeding. Yield increases of up to 44% have been achieved

Read more about the results of the trials conducted in the UK.

Also read about how to utilise grass efficiently.




Grass + maize – a perfect match

Fast growing Italian ryegrass and Westerwold mixtures boost forage intakes and reduce overall feed costs.

Read more in the testimonial from farmer John Whitby in the UK

Also read more about weight gain increase with Festulolium PERUN and overcoming salinity.



Take a walk in the grass field

When the winter turns into spring it is time to take a close look at the grass field. Has it survived well? Are all plants alive and growing? If plants are missing, yield will be too low and the output disappointing. Decisions must be made – either resulting in a total renewal of the field or an overseeding.

Read more about overseeding and field renewal in the newsletter here.


Increase your profit with grass/legume

The economically optimal feed diet depends on various parameters; mainly on the potential yield level of maize,
clover grass and Lucerne and on the actual prices on concentrates.

Read more about how you can increase your profit by having the right grass/legume balance in this Forage Newsletter


Increase Output by Reseeding or Overseeding

In a normal sward, up to 20% of the yield can be lost in the first two or three years of use. This equates to a large loss per hectare every year in terms of reduced animal output of either meat or milk. The solution is to reseed or overseed the grass fields -
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DLF Forage Development Trials - Adding Value to Grassland

A good forage mixture of grasses and clovers consists of the best varieties that can be obtained. Here probably very few can disagree – however, when you start a discussion of what exactly are the characteristics for a good grass or clover variety, there will be a number of opinions.

DLF Triple Crown

- A Quality Stamp for the Top Varieties from DLF-TRIFOLIUM

The breeding of new forage grasses at DLF-TRIFOLIUM aims to offer the farmer still better varieties – better in all senses of the word. It has always been our ambition to develop grass varieties with higher yields per hectare which will also provide improved nutrition and palatability to the cow’s diet; in addition, the importance of good field performance must not be forgotten i.e. tolerance against major diseases, high persistency, plus suitability for grazing and cutting.

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Everybody talks about Festulolium 

Through hundreds of trials and analyses Festulolium proves to have high yield and high feeding value.

Overseeding with iSeed® takes off with GrassMax system
The GrassMax system significantly improves the productive life and quality of a sward with yield and quality improvements of up to 44%.

iSeed® sets new standards in seed treatment technology
When using iSeed® you get up to 30% more viable plants per ha.

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January 2010