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Head of Corporate Marketing
(Maternity cover)

Soren Busk

Tel: +45 46 330 370

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Head of Corporate Marketing
(Maternity leave)

Marie Juul-Andersen

Tel: +45 46 330 366

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Marketing Coordinator

Dorthe Barkholt Hänsch

Tel: +45 61 243 115

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Marketing Project Manager

Chenette Mortensen

Tel: +45 26 730 028

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Business Analyst

Anders Bjerregaard

Tel: +45 61 243 119

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Digital Project Coordinator

Line Thaarup

Tel: +45 61 243 116

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Student Worker

Jonathan Storm Simonsen

Tel: +45 24 272 927

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In the marketing department, we strive to provide our customers as well as the DLF-TRIFOLIUM sales group with the best service possible. We offer our customers a wide range of sales and marketing material like brochures, point-of-sales material, and merchandise etc.
We help launch new brands, make campaign material and are also responsible for this website.

Do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions in this regard and we will do our best to help you.